Sweet P Bakery

Sweet P Bakery is a Dallas based bakery that started in August of 2016. It is run by Sarah who grew up a bit of nomad, but is proud to call herself a Texan now! She loves sweet tea (from Mcdonalds), hanging out with her husband and naps! Now, lets get down to the cake.

IMG_0078 copy.jpg

Sarah has always loved baking. Anytime there was a dinner with friends she has always been in charge of desserts. The big question I asked, fondant or buttercream? “Buttercream is great!," said Sarah, but she prefers fondant. I’m a buttercream girl so those words broke my heart a little bit. She let me know that fondant is just melted marshmallows mixed with powdered sugar which sounds amazing so I might give fondant a try, if Sarah makes it. When making her amazing desserts, Sarah can’t live without her KitchenAid stand mixer.

This is the first business Sarah has created and she loves that her hustle and hard work is paying off. Sweet P Bakery offers cakes and cupcakes for any occasion including weddings! Please check her out on the links below to support her!


Sweet P Bakery and Cakes